Lake Tahoe Snowboarding

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you simply can't get the hang of skiing or hate the idea trying to balance on two legs going in opposite directions, you might be ready to join the thousands who are finding that snowboarding is just as much fun as riding a sled used to be, and even more exciting. Webster defines a snowboard as a surfboard-like device used on ski slopes. It is designed with bindings that attach it to a rider's feet. The rider then slides down either dry or snow-covered slopes. Unlike skiers, snowboarders do not use poles.

Test Your Snowboarding Skills at Tahoe

Snowboarding requires many of the same skills needed to ski. A serious sense of balance comes into play, especially on difficult slopes. Since there are no poles to help the snowboarder stay "up," he or she must rely on internal balance. Some of the skills a snowboarder must learn include how to get up with a board attached to his or her feet, how to get on and off chairlifts, how to fall without getting hurt, and how to stop without crashing.

Those who are interested in learning how to snowboard can find experienced snowboarders who offer training at several of the resorts in Lake Tahoe. Many of the major resorts offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes for both boarding and skiing. Group and individual lessons are available. Just about everything a snowboarder needs can be found at equipment rental shops, which open early for avid winter sports fans.

Great winter sports resorts in the Lake Tahoe area make winter vacations both easy and exciting. With years of experience, those who own or work at resorts know exactly what their guests need, and they work hard to provide guests with fun while teaching them about winter sport safety. At the end of a day on the slopes, there are all kinds of ways to relax and all kinds of night life to enjoy.

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