Grand Canyon Air Tours

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Grand Canyon air tours give you an eagle's eye view of the Grand Canyon. You will see all of the spectacular geological features of the canyon, including Lake Mead, Lake Powell, the Hoover Dam, and the Colorado River. You will wing your way along Marble Canyon, all the way to the stunning blue green waters of Lake Powell.

The Grand Canyon's Main Gorge is broad and vast, but as you fly north the Canyon's Marble Canyon Gorge becomes clear and narrow, with precipitous vertical cliffs that make a stunning contrast to the adjacent Navajo Indian lands. The Colorado River twists below, reflecting the sky and the deeply colored hues of the canyon walls. At Lake Powell, you will fly above the mighty Glen Canyon Dam and compare it's massive structure to the delicate filigree of one of the highest road bridges in the world.

Awe-Inspiring Beauty

As you fly above the canyon, you will be dazzled by the azure waters of Lake Powell, which fill with countless inlets, their buff colored cliffs rising in splendid and beautiful formations. Grand Canyon air tours give you the best of the best; the flight gives you the best of nature's marvels in a single view. Not only do you get to view the splendor of the Grand Canyon, but also the deserts, forests, and lakes that make up this incredible setting.

If you only take one Las Vegas tour, make sure it is one of the amazing air tours offered. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience that you will never, ever forget. The wonder of the Grand Canyon makes it worthwhile to travel to Las Vegas, simply to take in the spellbinding sights of this natural wonderland.

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