Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

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Grand Canyon helicopter tours are among the most breathtaking, memorable tours you will ever go on. You will be dazzled by the majestic views of the canyon, Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and the Colorado River. The scenery is spectacular, especially when you take a tour at dusk, when the setting sun turns the shades of pastel flowers, giving the canyon below a rosy glow.

Many of these Las Vegas tours by helicopter give you access to parts of the canyon that you would otherwise never get a chance to see. The pilot of the helicopter will descend far below the Grand Canyon's rim, land at the floor of the canyon, and deliver visitors into the heart of the Indian Reservations. You may then get a golden opportunity to speak with some of these Native American Indians, and even sit down to lunch with them.

Photos and More Photos

Taking part in Grand Canyon helicopter tours gives you the opportunity to take rare photos that you would normally not get a chance to take. For instance, as your pilot hovers above the Colorado River or Lake Mead, you can snap away at rare glimpses of wildlife or the mesmerizing views of the canyon. You will get to view the canyon from all angles, and really get the chance to become enlightened and enriched by the profound beauty of the world around you.

Contact your local travel agent and inquire about Las Vegas travel packages that include helicopter tours. It is truly a unique experience that can not be duplicated by any other mode of transportation. You can really broaden your horizons and get the full Grand Canyon experience when you view it from the comfort and safety of a helicopter.

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