Grand Canyon Raft Tours

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Grand Canyon raft tours offer the ultimate in fun and excitement. These outdoor adventures take you to places in the canyon that would never be accessible by foot or vehicle, allowing you to grasp the full effect of this natural wonderland. Grand Canyon rafting continues to be one of Nevada's greatest tourist attractions, as it caters to the adventurist in all of us.

Get the full experience of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon as you white-water raft through one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Enjoy the excitement, serenity and joy the enchanting beauty of the canyon brings you as the river sweeps you along in this captivating wonderland. You will see geologic history in the making, as you witness the steep walls of the canyon, and the amazing waterfalls, sparkling pools, and ancient Anasazi Ruins.

The Six Day Tour

Many Grand Canyon tour companies should be able to give you packages for Grand Canyon raft tours. The standard tour usually lasts about six days, and brings paradise to you in a shorter time frame. Days one and two consist of meeting your crew, and launching off at Marble Canyon, a dramatic starting point on the Colorado River.

You will drift lazily at first, and get to savor lunch on a white sand beach. Then you will experience Mighty House Rock Rapid and Roaring 20's which will set the pace for the next five days. Visit Vasey's Paradise, a spectacular crusade of water that supports a lush hanging garden, and Redwall Cavern, a vast chamber carved by the river. Hike breathtaking side canyons or visit the ancient Anasazi ruins.

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