Grand Canyon Rafting

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Take the ultimate Grand Canyon rafting tour, and spend one week on the most spectacular river odyssey. In the grandest canyon on the Colorado, experience the excitement, serenity, joy and mesmerizing beauty of the river as it transforms this divine chasm and those who dare to venture down it. Raft 187 miles in six days, each day descending deeper into geologic time.

The Grand Canyon is ever-changing, with massive walls that step back to expose eons of natural history. Some spots are dark and narrow, while others are lush with waterfalls thundering hundreds of feet in luminous freefall. You can take daily side hikes that will lead you to sparkling streams, pristine pools, green fern glens, and ancient Anasazi ruins.

Scenic Extremes

Grand Canyon Rafting tours bring you scenic extremes that no other place in the world matches. The size and ferocity of it's 60 rapids will bring you the ultimate in white-water rafting, while your tour guides will work to ensure your safety. A brief yet thorough safety discussion will take place before the tour begins in order to maximize safety and minimize accidents.

When you travel to Las Vegas, make sure you ask your travel agent about Grand Canyon tours that include Colorado River rafting. It is the ultimate outdoor white-water rafting experience, that you can enjoy over the course of one week, or even longer if you have the time. Even if your time is limited, there are shorter rafting excursions that will surely delight you and give you the greatest outdoor adventure you could ask for.

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