Las Vegas Atv Tours

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Las Vegas ATV tours allow you to explore the splendor of the Grand Canyon with a hands-on approach. ATVs and the Grand Canyon are an awesome combination, as they allow you to really blend in with your natural surroundings. You can stop along the way to view plants, take pictures of animals, or just take a moment to savor the scenic beauty.

Many Las Vegas ATV tours include stops at the "Keepers of the Wild" Animal Sanctuary and a nice drive through the 900 year old Joshua Tree Forest. You will get beautiful views of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to take photos. Most tours offer a picnic lunch which is served to you right at the Rim of the Canyon, allowing you to take in the wonder of the beauty surrounding you while you eat a delicious meal.

ATV Adventures

Once at the canyon, you will be fitted for helmets, goggles, and gloves. There will be a brief but thorough safety and operations orientation to ensure that you understand the rules and regulations that will keep you safe during your tour. Then it is off to the rim of the Grand Canyon for the start of your adventure on a fully equipped ATV.

A tour of the Grand Canyon on ATV will surely become a fond vacation memory. Hundreds of tourists every year return to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon to take part in these tours because they offer up such a hands-on experience that truly is unparalleled. If you are thinking of visiting Las Vegas, give your travel agent a call and tell him or her to tell you all about the wonderful Las Vegas travel packages available--you will be happy you did.

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