Las Vegas Hummer Tour

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A Las Vegas Hummer tour enables you to get away from the neon lights of the city, and experience a journey deep into the deserts and the Grand Canyon. You will go off-roading in a customized Hummer version of the U.S. Armed Forces Hummer--each seat is a window seat with panoramic views.
Come face to face with the awesome site of the Hoover Dam and the beauty of Lake Mead and the Canyon.

You will inch your way up and down steep trails, all the while taking in the sights of the natural wonder surrounding you. Your tour guide will be able to give you important facts about the canyon, Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and general information about the animals and people that inhabit the area. You may even get to stop and meet some real Native American Indians who still live in the area, and possibly have lunch with them.

Las Vegas Tours Are One in A Million

If you partake in a Las Vegas Hummer tour, you surely will be pleased. No other part of the country offers such diversity, both in landscapes and in culture, that it will be a completely enriching experience. You will take with you wonderful memories, and possibly decide to make a trip to the Las Vegas area every year for an annual vacation.

Las Vegas offers so much that it is often impossible to see and do it all in a couple of days. That's the beauty of this city though, it lures you back time and time again for some fun and excitement. So have no worries if you only have a day or two to spend, because Las Vegas gets better year after year, and you can always come back to the City of Entertainment.

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