Las Vegas Jeep Tours

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Las Vegas jeep tours are quite possibly the most fun Las Vegas tours around. What could be more fun and exciting than driving around in the streets of the city or the rugged dirt trails of the Grand Canyon with the top down? Many people would argue that the answer to that question is nothing.

Las Vegas is a culturally rich, historical yet contemporary urban mecca that draws in thousands of visitors every year. The appeal is so widespread that perhaps the city of Las Vegas has taken on a "State-like" quality all its own, erasing the name "Nevada" from our minds altogether. We don't think in terms of going to Nevada for vacation, we think "Viva Las Vegas Baby!". There are so many attractions that satisfy our city urges as well as our desire to become one with nature.

Off Roading Tours

If you want to get a little dirty and go exploring beyond the city limits, you will love all that the Las Vegas jeep tours have to offer. You can go four wheeling to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, kick up some dust and enjoy the scenic views. Then you can stop for some great photo opportunities and enjoy a well-prepared picnic lunch, all while breathing in the fresh air and essence of the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours can run anywhere from six hours to a full 12 hours, so be prepared for a long excursion. Depending on the length of the tour, and the sites you will be seeing, the prices vary accordingly. Most jeep tours start around $75.00 per person, and can run up to $450.00 for a whole day plus lunch.

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