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Mgm Grand Las Vegas

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Trying to describe the MGM Grand is like trying to describe Las Vegas itself. Las Vegas is a city like no other. A mecca in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas is a city of extremes, and the MGM Grand fits in perfectly. A veteran of the Las Vegas Strip, the MGM Grand can rightly declare itself the City of Entertainment.

What to Do in the City of Entertainment

The Las Vegas "Strip" is the most popular destinations for tourists and Vegas aficionados. Each of the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas has a theme designed to attract visitors, and to maintain a sense of individuality. At the MGM Grand, the goal is to transport you to the world of entertainment.

When the MGM Grand opened its doors in December of 1993, its theme was "The Wizard of Oz." Designers planned to transport the visitor through the entire film--beginning with the roar of the lion in the opening credits. The main entrance of the hotel was the mouth of a huge lion, and a winding yellow brick road led visitors deep inside the casino.

Casino owners quickly found themselves limited with their design ideas, so in 2000, the MGM Grand went through a renovation. The Wizard of Oz theme was changed to "The City of Entertainment," celebrating the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Today, the hotel is decorated with classic Hollywood memorabilia, including movie posters and props.

Wanting to appeal to a larger market, the MGM Grand was one of the first hotel resorts that tried to make Las Vegas more family-friendly. The jury is still out as to whether this is even a good idea in the first place, as Las Vegas is still fondly and appropriately referred to as the playground for adults. Nevertheless, the MGM Grand strives to create an environment that's as fun for kids as it is for adults.

The Resort

The term "The City of Entertainment" is a fairly accurate description in terms of the size of the MGM Grand. It is one of the largest hotels and resorts not only in Las Vegas, but in the entire United States. In addition, the MGM Grand is known around the world for having the most rooms in one single hotel: 5,044. There are also five pools, a spa and fitness center, a youth center, and a lion habitat. Overall, this huge, emerald green casino is 239 feet tall, and spans several blocks on the Strip.

In addition to the 5,044 rooms located in the single building, the MGM Grand also houses an enormous casino, several restaurants, the Studio Walk, plenty of stores for shopping, and two concert arenas for seeing terrific shows. The larger arena is the 17,000 seat Grand Garden Arena, which showcases headlining concerts and sporting events. The smaller arena is the Hollywood Theatre, which seats 650.

Studio 54, a close remake of the classic 1970s nightclub, is a popular nighttime attraction on the Strip. Don't be surprised to see a large crowd gathered around the outside of the club. While some are waiting to get past the velvet rope, others simply stand by to watch for celebrities coming in and out of the nightclub.

Because of its sheer size, it can take awhile to fully explore the MGM Grand. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to walk to one of the many attractions located throughout the resort. The casino alone is the largest in Las Vegas, and is bigger than four football fields combined. The hotel can be rather crowded due to its appeal to young and old alike.

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