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Treasure Island Hotel

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Las Vegas has always been more of a vacation/entertainment destination for adults than for children. Even so, from the late 1980s into the 1990s, there was quite serious experimentation to provide more family entertainment, since most families enjoy taking vacations together. The Treasure Island Hotel and Casino was one of the pioneers in that regard. However, the pendulum seems to have swung back to almost all-adult entertainment throughout the tourist attractions of Las Vegas.

Treasure Island is in fact now known simply as TI. Visitors of yesteryear will scarcely recognize the high-energy, exotic entertainment atmosphere of the landmark. The change occurred gradually, as it evolved from a family-oriented resort to a sophisticated, tempting adult relaxation and showplace.

The final end to the family-oriented era for TI came in the summer of 2003, after some 16,000 sea battles between pirates and the British Navy had been fought during the daily show. TI's pirate show is now a seductive production, with pirates battling siren temptresses. It is not for children.

The Change to a More Adult Venue
While many tourists lament the change, many others support (or at least understand) the views of hotel ownership and management that TI produces greater revenue as an adult resort. Hotels and resorts are in business to make money, so they must attract customers. In a fiercely competitive hospitality and entertainment industry, if hotels do not produce revenue that exceeds expenses, they fail like any other business.

World-famous Cirque du Soleil produces a magnetizing, fantastic show--Mystère--on the premises of Treasure Island. Of the eight (at last count) shows that Cirque has orchestrated, each is unique in some fashion. The shows appeal to different audiences, and are suitable for various age groups. For example, a breathtaking show at the MGM in Las Vegas--Ka--is very kid-friendly. It has kids as the main characters and a storyline that both adults and children can follow.

Las Vegas is known as a gambling mecca, and TI will not disappoint the gambler. TI is one of the eight MGM Mirage resorts that share a Players Club. It also has tables, a high roller lounge, slots, and a sportsbook. Markers, or marker accounts, are available to those who qualify financially, and the resort encourages responsible gaming.

TI Hotel Accommodations
Treasure Island has 36 stories of luxurious rooms, almost 3,000 of them. The King Plan has 400 square feet of combined bedroom and living area with a bathroom. The Petite Suite is 630 square feet with two bathrooms. The Premiere Suite is 1,300 square feet of living room, dining room, bedroom, and dressing room. The latter also features two full bathrooms and an additional powder room.

TI can handle business meetings and banquets in an elegant or exotic atmosphere. Three distinct convention spaces can accommodate any size group up to 1,000 people. The two larger ones feature a theatre, classroom, banquet rounds, dinner/dance facility, cocktail reception, and several table configurations.

On-site restaurants can accommodate many different appetites, from those yearning for juicy steaks and fresh seafood to traditional Italian specialties and Mexican or island delights. Add to these the more casual dining options of name brand ice cream (Ben & Jerry's), coffee (Starbucks), donuts (Krispy Kreme), and what more would you need? Well, Las Vegas wouldn't be Las Vegas without a mouth-watering house buffet, or a Terrace Café for refueling between conference sessions.

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