Beach Vacations In Costa Rica

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Relaxing Beach Vacations in Costa Rica

Beach vacations in Costa Rica can be as relaxing or as adventuresome as you wish. Keep in mind that Costa Rica means "rich coast," so that in itself reveals there are plentiful, beautiful "playas" on which to soak up the tropical sun. Let's start with Guanacaste on the north Pacific coast.

100 miles of beaches. . .world-class diving. . .sport fishing. . .exotic national parks teeming with tropical creatures--all this and the Arenal Volcano too! Remember that Costa Rica is only 200 miles long, so its abundant sights are close together. Visitors find it easy to go from beach to jungle to volcano in a short time.

Beach Packages

Like to go-it-alone? Have a rambunctious family that wouldn't take to bus rides and air hops? Try a self-drive package: four-wheel drive car rental, accommodations, air fare from Guanacaste to San Jose, the capital, and English-speaking guides. If you wish, this package includes whitewater rafting on the wild Pacuare River, and the looming presence of Arenal, an active volcano. Of course, vacations in Costa Rica can always be customized to include your favorite must-sees.

One of the most popular and famous locales for beach vacations in Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio National Park. Internationally-acclaimed, this special spot has it all: tropical beaches backed by rain forests; dramatic rocky promontories with panoramic views; thriving wildlife; trails that take visitors from beach to forest. Endangered squirrel monkeys, three-toed sloths, and striking purple-and-orange crabs are just a few of the creatures that inhabit this compact location. There is no vehicular traffic or camping allowed, and no buildings except for the information center and restrooms. This area is just one stop on many combinations of Costa Rica travel packages.

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