Belize Accommodations

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Belize Accommodations from Casual to Deluxe

Belize accommodations inspire question-asking. Is there air conditioning? Hot water? Private bathrooms? A restaurant? This small country surely has an unequaled range of living quarters for visitors. Lodges, hotels, resorts, cabanas, bungalows, cottages--tree houses! Yes, indeed, the Hamanasi Resort near Hopkins has tree houses that are quite popular with honeymooners and other couples!

From rustic to luxurious, Belize accommodations have some living arrangement to appeal to everyone. Ambergris Caye has the largest concentration of accommodations, most of them in or near San Pedro. The tourist-rated Coconuts Caribbean is described as a "simple, clean and rustic budget hotel" on the beach. Victoria House is two miles south of San Pedro and rated deluxe for its Colonial-style building with plantation rooms.

Choose Accommodations in Your Base Area

After you have selected your favorite Belize travel packages, choose your lodging in the area you will be traveling in most. If, for instance, you are crazy about the water and only intend to emerge from the Caribbean long enough to eat and sleep, you would want to look over the facilities in Belize City, the Outer Cayes, or Ambergris. On the other hand, if you are an archeologist and want to see every possible Maya ruins site, you would ask about lodging in the Cayo District, which has a good selection of accommodations.

For inland facilities, make sure you find out if there is electricity, hot water, air conditioning, and other amenities--if they are important to you. Some travelers are charmed by "roughing it" on Belize trips. The Five Sisters Lodge in the Cayo District lets you choose. Do you want oil lamps or electricity in your thatched-roof cabana? Then there is Francis Ford Coppola's Blancaneaux in the same area--deluxe all the way!

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