Belize Adventure Travel

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Thrilling Belize Adventure Travel

Belize adventure travel is set in a country that is second-to-none in dense rain forests and stunning shorelines. Exotic wildlife fills the inland jungles, and fabulous sea creatures fill the sea. From the Maya Mountains to the dark depths of Blue Hole, Belize adventure travel is one thrill after another.

How adventuresome do you want your vacation? Care for cave tubing in one of the thousands of dark, underground mazes? How about a night safari on a thickly-forested, tropical river? Then there is mountain biking on challenging trails and jungle roads!

Do It All!

For those determined to see and do as much as possible, there are two-week, hike-bike-paddle-sail adventures! Designed to provide living environmental experiences, these sojourns are the ultimate in outdoor education. Journey the length of a watershed system from the beginnings of streams on mountain tops to the coral reef in the Caribbean.

Camp outdoors or in village homes along the way, investigate the rich estuaries at the mouth of the river, then sail on a fishing boat to the Barrier Reef for a fabulous chance to snorkel Belize. Go online to find Belize travel packages that take you where you want to go and give you all the adventure you can handle!

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