Belize Eco Lodges

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jungle Belize Eco Lodges

Belize eco lodges are a fascinating and varied group of accommodations often set deep inside the rain forests of inland Belize. Remote and isolated, these lodges are designed to immerse you in the wilderness without disturbing the wildlife or the landscape. Thatched-roof cabanas are the norm, and recreation takes advantage of the natural beauty of the surroundings. All in all, a very different experience from that provided by Belize resorts.

These Belize eco lodges are usually situated to permit visitors better access to the Mayan ruins located in Orange Walk and Cayo Districts. Activities include tours of the ruins, nature walks and hikes, horseback riding, bird watching, and river runs. Above all, these Belize lodges allow visitors to experience intense silence--broken only by the sounds of wild animals and brightly-colored birds.

Thrilling Experiences

For the intrepid, Lamanai Outpost Lodge offers the only nighttime river safari in Belize! If wildlife noises get your attention in broad daylight, consider the effect on a black night! Duplooys Jungle Lodge has only seven rooms in ranch-like buildings set above a bend in the Macal River known as Big Eddy--spectacular! From a deck set on piles 30 feet above the rain forest, you see sweeping vistas of limestone cliffs and jungle.

Pook's Hill Lodge has eight rooms and is located on a 300-acre private reserve in the foothills of the Maya Mountains. Secluded and peaceful, it lies by the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve and the Roaring River. If you want to eliminate modern conveniences as much as possible, try the Five Sisters Lodge, where they offer you electricity or oil lamps for your stay. From this property, you have awesome views of five waterfalls on the Privassion River!

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