Belize Family Vacations

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Soft Adventure Belize Family Vacations

Belize family vacations are perfect for landlubbers and water sprites alike! This tiny country may be only 180-miles-long, but it will introduce every member of the family to fascinating history (the Mayan ruins), exotic wildlife (jaguars, manatees, flashy birds, howling monkeys), and important multi-cultural experiences (Maya, Creole, Garifuna, Mestizo). Belize travel packages take advantage of the small size of this casual country to show you extraordinary animals and natural settings in a short time.

What child--age six or 60--wouldn't be thrilled at sighting a slinky jaguar or agile ocelot? Take a trip to the world's only protected area for jaguars, the Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve. Visit the world-class Belize City Zoo to get acquainted with some of the wildlife of this country. For children of a certain age, the Maya ruins would be a fabulous living history lesson.

Water Sports for the Whole Family

So many places to swim, dive, snorkel and fish, and so little time! Belize has scenic rivers that are gentle and perfect for paddling. You can take guided tours, day trips, overnight adventures, and watch annual races. New River, for instance, will introduce you to gorgeous birds: Roseate Spoonbill, Great Black Hawk, and the Social Flycatcher.

For first-time snorkelers, try your equipment in water you can stand up in, so you build your confidence. Wear a life jacket to make you feel even safer. Once you see what lies beneath the surface of that beautiful, turquoise water, you won't want to come ashore! There are literally thousands of snorkeling and diving spots in Belize where you can see all kinds of fish, manta rays, manatees, and sea creatures. Belize family vacations offer unforgettable experiences for all members of the family. To plan your trip, go online for Belize vacation information.

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