Belize Mission Trips

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Rewarding Belize Mission Trips

Belize mission trips most likely appeal to younger Christians who have a strong sense of evangelism and altruism. Through ministering to the needs of less fortunate people, they fulfill their duty to their church and their religion. Hopefully, their dedication to humanity will be strengthened by first-hand experience with other people and other cultures.

A truly rewarding experience helping others to repair school roofs, build homes, and plant vegetables would certainly also build character. Gaining insight into oneself is a fortuitous by-product of assisting others to become more independent and self-sufficient. In Belize, a young Christian can combine helpful construction, teaching, and health care with recreational activities in a spectacular setting.

Ways to Help

Churches often sponsor both short-term and long-term Belize mission trips. If a student only has a summer vacation to spend abroad, churches with ongoing missions eagerly arrange Belize accommodations at their working site. Many such centers are located in inland areas, and a student interested in Belize archaeology, for instance, would be immersed in a prime area for studying the Mayan ruins.

Missions vary among churches, but possibilities for evangelism include city-wide campaigns, and activities in homes, schools, prisons, and city streets. Often, churches send members to work in medical clinics; medical students with skills in dentistry and medicine are always needed. If a church has a strong ministry dedicated to providing experience in other countries, Belize is surely a prime destination.

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