Belize Resorts

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Variety of Belize Resorts

Belize resorts are about as varied as Belize accommodations throughout the country. Some living quarters are called "resorts" that do not conform to the usual concept--full-service lodging that provides lots of amenities and services. Other quarters are called "lodges," which are usually rustic, but are rated deluxe.

The easiest and most efficient way to pinpoint accommodations that you prefer is to go online and browse through some travel agency Web sites. Ratings, descriptions, and photographs of the various types of lodging will give you a good idea of the setting, decor, and price. Remember that even deluxe accommodations set in the rainforest will be quite different from luxurious hotels in New York City.

Choose Your Setting

Ambergris Caye Belize has the greatest concentration of lodging in the country. Xanadu Island Resort is on the beach and has luxurious free-standing chalets; scrumptious Creole cooking is featured all day! Victoria House has a Colonial main building, then places a two-bedroom villa and the Windsor Honeymoon Suite right on the beach. Resorts on the Outer Cayes usually feature cabanas, as do most of the accommodations throughout Belize. Spanish Bay Resort is situated on a secluded, private mangrove island. Lighthouse Reef Resort consists of suites, villas, and cabanas on the beach; this is one of the most exclusive resorts in Central America.

Near Hopkins Village are two fabulous Belize resorts. Hamanasi Resort has beachfront rooms, family rooms, luxury beachfront suites, and treehouses that are 12 feet off the ground and very private. Kanantik Reef and Jungle Resort is built on a 1,300-foot private beach and has its own airstrip. Inland, the only deluxe-rated accommodations are at Francis Ford Coppola's Blancaneaux deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Here, the ubiquitous cabanas are luxuriously styled with local hardwoods, crafts, and art. As a badge of distinction, Blancaneaux was featured in "Architectural Digest."

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