Belize Vacation Packages

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Land and Water Belize Vacation Packages

Belize vacation packages often put together outings on land--birding, jungle treks--with water activities--diving, snorkeling, fishing. Belize is only 180 miles long, but the wealth of its historical, archeological, and recreational sights is amazing. From ancient Maya ruins to the Caribbean Blue Hole made famous by Jacques Cousteau, Belize trips offer singular experiences for all visitors.

Stand before the monumental ruins of Mayan pyramids, plazas, and an astronomical observatory lying deep in the jungle at Caracol. Over 35,000 buildings have been identified in this 30-square-mile site, including Canaa, a 139-foot-high pyramid, the tallest building in Belize! San Ignacio sits amid lush forests that rise into the sky, and green rivers with hidden caves and plunging waterfalls. Combine this with a stay on Ambergris Caye near the Belize Barrier Reef for water sports on and under the sparkling clear, turquoise Caribbean.

Mysterious Ecosystem

What is a 300-square-mile pine forest doing in a rain-forested Belize? The predominant thinking is that this probably was a volcanic island that encountered the mainland in another geologic time period. Called Mountain Pine Ridge, this area is preserved and has only trails and unpaved roads. The limestone composition is perfect for the formation of caves, and Rio Frio Cave is a famous one.

Opening at both ends, a quarter-mile apart, this awesome cave has entries that are 65-feet high. Laughing Jaw is another nearby cave. Rio On Pools are a series of pools formed by huge granite boulders, whose slick surface makes for great waterslides for kids! A must-see for all is Hidden Valley Falls, or Thousand Foot Falls. In reality, this is a 1,500-foot drop, and is believed to be the highest waterfall in Central America. Couple a visit to Mountain Pine Ridge with a sun-drenched outing to the beaches of Placencia, and you have one of the best Belize vacation packages.

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