Costa Rica Diving

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Dazzling Costa Rica Diving

Costa Rica diving puts you right there among the creatures of the ocean! Swim along with masses of gaudy fishes. Thrill at white-tip reef sharks rushing round you. Feel the current from a manta ray with a 20-foot wingspan whooshing by you!

Have you ever seen water so clear or fish so bountiful that they actually block the sun's rays? Do you think you could handle swimming alongside a school of barracuda? Strange creatures may startle you--whale sharks, sea snakes, and porcupine fish. Always a favorite, night dives offer exhilarating swims among the phosphorous that lights up the blackened ocean.

The Whole Family Can Dive

Costa Rica diving is among the best in the world for number of prime dive locations and variety of sea creatures spotted. Costa Rica snorkeling and scuba diving in Costa Rica are proof that this bountiful country is aptly named--"rich coast." What's more, diving is a water sport the family can participate in together. Aquacenter Diving in Guanacaste on the north Pacific coast is a full-service operation next to Flamingo Marina, which is a full-service safe haven for boats and a luxury resort.

At Aquacenter Diving, kids as young as five can take Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth (SASY) courses, and youngsters 10 and up can take scuba certification courses. Naturally, parents can also get scuba certification or take refresher classes. The reward for this bubble-blowing and practice in fresh water is enchanting swims with some of the most beautiful--and dramatic!--creatures found in the depths of the ocean.

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