Costa Rica Fishing Vacations

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Rousing Costa Rica Fishing Vacations

Costa Rica fishing vacations are exciting and rewarding. This country may be small, but it has coastlines on both the Caribbean and the Pacific, and the variety of fish is impressive. Marlin and sailfish, tarpon and snook--these are just a few of the many kinds of fish that are plentiful in these waters. Check the best season for catching the kind of fish you want.

For the intrepid, head for the Caribbean sites of Barra del Colorado, Tortuguero, and Limon. There are no roads, so take an in-country flight, or a boat from Limon in the south through the Tortuguero canal system in the north. The lodges along the coast offer packages that are all-inclusive: hotels in San Jose (the capital), air fare, meals, boats and guides.

Pacific Bonanza

From El Ocotal in the north Pacific to Playa Zancudo in the south, Costa Rica fishing vacations are perfect for those hardy souls who want to put some pizazz in their trip. We're talking 200- to 400-pound tuna; marlin, roosterfish, and sailfish caught every month of the year; wahoo taken May through August. The Flamingo Marina in the north is the only safe haven between Acapulco and Panama where yachts and boats can buy the necessities, or be secure at a dock.

El Ocotal will be a pleasant surprise for visitors who want more amenities than those traditionally offered at rustic fishing lodges. This planned community is designed to offer outstanding accommodations and service for Costa Rica deep sea fishing so that non-fishing time is pleasant. The area is especially proud of its new fleet: four, 32-foot sport boats, and a 42-foot fishing yacht. Fish Costa Rica!

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