Costa Rica Surfing Vacations

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Surf's Up! Costa Rica Surfing Vacations

Costa Rica surfing vacations take you to some of the best waves in Central America. When you come out of the water, the Caribbean villages on the coast have the warmest people, the best food--not to mention the parties!--in the most colorful surroundings. Best surfing conditions are November through March.

Near Limon are three great spots: Playa Bonita where waves break over a coral reef with a quick drop; Portete with right-breaking waves; Isla Uvita, which has the most powerful left-breaking wave in Costa Rica. If you think you're good, and you're fearless, hit the beach at Puerto Viejo. Not for nothing is this formidable wave called "Salsa Brava." Boards break as the waves break over the coral reef. Cuidado!

Pacific Spots for Waves and Parties

Best surfing conditions on the north Pacific are December through June. Want solitary surfing? Go for Mal Pais, or Potrero Grande where you'll ride a wave known as Oli's Point. Some beaches require a four-wheel drive. Avoid interfering with locals at Playa Negra. For vacations in Costa Rica, always check local information. If you're interested in after-surf activities, hit Tamarindo or Samara, which have good waves and good parties.

On the central and south Pacific, best surfing conditions are April through November. Be careful about pollution and undertows in some spots. Costa Rica travel information can give you details. Boca Barranca is the place with the most traditional wave in Costa Rica, a well-shaped, left-breaking wave. Some of the best beach breaks are at Dominical. Quepos isn't the greatest for surfing, but has a lively nightlife! Want the largest waves for Costa Rica surfing vacations? Go for Pavones, well-known to surfers because of its record as the second-longest left-breaking wave in the world!

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