Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Costa Rica Vacation Packages: No Artificial Ingredients

Costa Rica vacation packages can bundle the places you most want to see--but they will probably include a preserve or national park. That's because this small country is the conservation capital of Central America, and an ecological mecca for environmentalists the world over. In a land that is just 200 miles long, the people have dedicated themselves and their government to the natural beauty of their homeland.

Their tourism ads proudly declare: "Costa Rica, No Artificial Ingredients." These people invite you to immerse yourself in the glorious wonders of their country. The variety of tour packages matches the variety of ecosystems. Beach jaunts, bird watching trips, diving or jungle locales--each can be put together to make thematic Costa Rica vacation packages for an individual, a honeymooning couple, or a family.

Accommodations in Nature

Let's be frank. If you're from the United States, you're used to certain arrangements. You live in the house, the bugs stay in the yard. In most other countries, however, you cannot expect the same separation from nature.

In Monteverde Costa Rica or Arenal Costa Rica, many hotels and lodges are situated among the rain forests and plentiful creatures of the natural surroundings. Occasionally, an insect or spider visitor might decide, reasonably, that your warm room is just the spot to settle in. Think of this encounter as a great story to tell the folks back home. "There we were, in this fantastic rustic lodge where we could hear the jaguars in the jungle, and then, as I was about to step onto the porch, I saw this spider as big as a. . . ."

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