Fish Costa Rica

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Fish Costa Rica, the Rich Coast

Fish Costa Rica to find adventure for yourself, or your whole family. If you are an experienced angler, and you go for the most taxing challenges, there are fish in Costa Rica that will test your limits! Everyone knows about stupendous struggles with combative marlin, but have you heard about the dodgy roosterfish of inshore fishing? Ever gone up against the fish locals call the "freight train"--the giant cubera snapper?

Maybe you're a beginner, and barely know a fly from a worm. Never fear! Crews will take you in hand, show you the ropes, and not only bring you back safe, but do their utmost to make sure you catch a fish to brag about! All this, the deep-blue ocean, good food, good beer, and good company. Fish Costa Rica!

Caribbean Fishing and Ambience

For a fabulous mix of exotic cultures and strenuous fishing, consider Costa Rica fishing vacations on the Caribbean. In the northeast corner, you can find all the tarpon--the king of game fish--and feisty snook you can handle. Unlike the Costa Rica deep sea fishing on the Pacific, tarpon and snook move freely in-and-out of salt water and fresh water. From Tortuguero north, the coast is a maze of creeks and rivers that harbor masses of these fish.

From Limon south, the influence of the more laid-back Caribbean cultures permeates daily routines. Puerto Limon is the Costa Rican cruise port on the east coast, and has long been a favorite haunt of those whose livelihood depends on fishing the Caribbean. Billfish, wahoo, tripletail, mackerel, barracuda--these sought-after fish are plentiful throughout these waters. At the end of a workout with these hardy fish, relax with some of the Jamaican-influenced local fare: gallo (tortilla sandwiches stuffed with beans, cheese, or meat); pescado ahumado (smoked marlin); picadillo (fried vegetables and meat).

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