Latin Travel Destinations

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Put Zing in Your Vacation!

Latin Travel Destinations! Did your thoughts drift to balmy evenings filled with the stirring sound of ocean waves coming ashore? Can you see yourself walking through the magical mist of a cloud forest? Envision a wild and glorious ride on a whitewater rafting trip! Imagine standing before the awe-inspiring ruins of the ancient Maya civilization.

Latin Travel Destinations conjures enchanting, vibrant lands that promise colorful excitement day after day. Latin America is a continent where spellbinding vistas lead the eye from fuming volcanoes to inviting beaches. What is your pleasure? How about snorkeling alongside beautiful green sea turtles and gaudy fish? Outlasting a humongous marlin in a sportfishing match on the seas? For sure, feasting on local fare, with scrumptious food laced with tasty spices.

Adventure for All

Latin Travel Destinations will let you know where the adventure is, and how you can get there. A whole exotic continent offers intriguing journeys for independent folks who prefer to mostly go-it-alone. "Soft adventure" travel packages are perfect for families or seniors. Groups of all kinds--seniors, corporate, special interest--can find out how to customize their journey to suit their needs.

Travel is an adventure, and in Latin Travel Destinations, you will find the easiest, fastest ways to find the kind of adventure you want. Whether it's trekking through the protected, lush rain forests of Costa Rica, or lazying-about on the Outer Cayes of Belize, you are sure to find what you want for a memorable vacation. With such a fascinating continent to day dream about, the possibilities are endless!

Latin Travel Destinations: Day Dreams Come True

The Internet has virtually brought the world to our doorsteps. Without leaving home, we can order--whatever! Travel has also been revolutionized. Going online, you can explore the world, gather information about any country, and book flights and travel tours to any corner of the earth. Want to know the best surfing spots in Costa Rica? The most beautiful locations for diving in Belize? Let the magic carpet of your computer show you the way.

Latin Travel Destinations will explore the exciting sights and experiences that illuminate the vitality of Latin America. Costa Rica travel information and Belize vacations are detailed so you can better highlight the kinds of experiences these countries bring to visitors. Costa Rica is, indeed, a coastline of riches, ranging from the fabulous sportfishing of its Caribbean waters, to the scenic beaches of its Pacific shores. Laid-back Belize offers enticing trips to the Monkey River and snorkeling at Laughing Bird Caye.

How to Stay Safe and Healthy

Different food, water, roads, lodging, customs, language--how to enjoy these delightful differences and stay well is the key to satisfying travel. Knowledge is the foundation for a safe trip. You can go online and reap the benefits of the many educational Web sites, from travel sites to the site of the United States Department of State. Learn all you can about the region you will be visiting so you can have the time of your life!

Be sure to heed the Consular Information Sheet that the State Department issues on each country. This document will provide you with the details that must be taken care of in order to legally enter, exit, and tour a particular country. The Information Sheet realistically outlines any safety and security issues, discusses medical facilities and insurance, and in general prepares a foreign visitor for travel in an unfamiliar region.

And now--let's pack our bags, get out our Spanish dictionaries, and whisk ourselves to the land of prehistoric ruins, tropical breezes, and sweeping savannas. Get ready to enter into the spirited realm of life on the wild rivers, the sunny beaches, the mysterious cloud forests, and the turquoise seas of alluring Costa Rica and Belize.

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