Monteverde Costa Rica

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Mystical Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde Costa Rica, a world-famous cloud forest, is an enchanting example of respect for nature that is the national policy of this richly-endowed country. Covering about 26,000 acres, this wonderland really needs several days' exploration to absorb all the different experiences. This lush rain forest is one of the top Costa Rica family vacations.

Take the Sky Trek Canopy Tour! This incredible adventure through the cloud forest consists of a series of platforms connected by cables that whisk you above the forest--just like the birds! Climb a rope ladder that takes you through a giant strangler fig to the first platform. From this point, you slide from platform to platform, then end your outing by rappelling back down to the forest floor.

Butterflies, Orchids, and Cheese

Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies! The Monteverde Butterfly Garden has stunning views of the cloud forest and the Gulf of Nicoya south of Guanacaste. Established by a biologist and his wife, this peaceful place is dedicated to environmental education. At least 50 local butterfly species thrive in four butterfly gardens. Go slowly, looking for resting butterflies with their wings folded. Be careful enough and one might just land on you for a look-see!

On the road to Monteverde Costa Rica, stop at the Orchid Garden. The humid, misty surroundings are ideal for gorgeous, exotic orchids. Orchids are striking, but when you get over 400 species in one place, that's a real show! Also in the area is the Cheese Factory, the result of dairy farming brought to the area by Quakers from Alabama in 1951! You can buy delicious fresh cheeses, and watch from a window in the back of the store as cheese is being made. All in all, the Monteverde area is one of the best Cost Rica travel packages all by itself!

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