Snorkel Belize

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Snorkel Belize for Fun

Snorkel Belize for fun for the whole family! Beginners, youngsters, seniors--all can safely explore the spectacular underwater world of Belize. For that matter, advanced divers don't always want to spend a lot of time on every dive, yet they can immerse themselves in the colorful and exciting adventure of underwater sights by snorkeling.

Snorkeling is far easier to master than Belize scuba diving. Get a mask and snorkel, practice in shallow water so you get the rhythm down, and off you go! Children can stand in shallow water, bend down, and peer at the fish and plants and creatures under the surface of the sea. Swimmers can investigate the mangrove locales that harbor manatees and other sea life along the shoreline.

Best Snorkeling Spots

Basically, you can snorkel Belize at the same locations you dive. The entire 180-mile Barrier Reef wonderland is yours--take your pick of inner or outer reef sites. Patch reefs inside the reef are perfect snorkeling areas; they're covered with hundreds of brightly-colored fish and coral species. The many mangroves growing profusely at river mouths provide protection for tiny barracuda and snapper before they join their larger counterparts in the big ocean.

On Belize's three coral atolls, great snorkeling can be found at Bat Brook Shallows and Billy Bob's Shallows on Turneffe Atoll. Glover's Reef has colorful patch reefs to swim in. The depth near Lighthouse Reef is about nine feet, with excellent snorkeling at Hat Caye. To the south, Laughing Bird Caye is another fabulous snorkeling area just offshore. For divers and non-divers, or snorkelers, who travel together, a vacation in Belize lets you share the same experiences in the same beautiful fantasyland.

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