London Hostels

Written by Dina Kayed
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Young people tend to look for cheap accommodation when traveling. Youth hostels are inexpensive and offer a comfortable, clean and safe place to stay. Usually each floor has shared showers and toilets. Hostel rooms can be rented for as little as ten pounds a night, and breakfast is sometimes included.

Staying in London Hostels

Hostels are not as lavish as other accommodations in London but they can be stylish and secure. Most hostels are within walking distance from underground stations or bus stations to make it easier for young people to get around. You will find clean towels and soap supplied by the hostel, along with other important facilities such as payphones and coin-operated washing machines and dryers.

If you are sending your child on vacation to London and need a safe place for him or her to stay, hostels will probably be your best choice. Some hostels have a curfew time, which means all tenants have to be back before a certain time. This will help you feel secure about your child while he or she is so far away. A 24-hour security system is also available in many hostels.

Hostels typically do not have television and satellite systems in the rooms; you will have to share with the rest of the tenants in the common room. A bicycle is a great way of getting around in London, and you can sometimes hire one from the hostel if you need one. Most hostels accept credit cards as a payment method if you'd rather not carry a lot of cash around.

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