London Tourist Information

Written by Dina Kayed
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Visiting London for the first time can be overwhelming. There are so many places to visit and so many things to see and do. This is why a good plan will help you fit as much into your vacation as possible. London offers great sightseeing tours all year round. Think about beginning your visit with the historical sites, as they could be a foundation on which to base the rest of your experiences.

Touring London

Buckingham Palace is where King George III's wife had fourteen children. He bought it for her, thinking it would be a nice comfortable family house. Queen Victoria, the great-great-grandmother of the present Queen Elizabeth II, also lived at Buckingham Palace. If you visit the palace, it is very interesting to watch the famous daily event of the Changing of the Guard.

The London Eye is one of London's greatest tour attractions. Unlike other London landmarks, the London Eye is not more than five years old--it was built in the year 2000. It is certainly the largest wheel for observation man has ever created. It took more than 1,700 people to complete it!

You can also visit the Houses of Parliament, antique shops and let's not forget the famous River Thames. If you are a bargain shopper, you will certainly love visiting London's many markets. You will be able to find amazing stuff and great deals. Shopping in London is a very interesting experience if you like crowds. You will be in the company of the thousands of people who shop around London daily, looking for special bargains and deals. If you would rather not be part of the crowd, you'll have to rise early to miss the throng.

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