London Vacations

Written by Dina Kayed
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Traveling to London is a great experience. There are many beautiful sights to see and important historical landmarks to visit. You will easily be able to find accommodations to suit both your needs and your budget, as this famous city is well equipped to handle a vast number of visitors every year. Family vacations to London can be unforgettable with a little planning. You will find wonderful places to visit with your children such the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, theatre land in the West End, and a long list of world famous museums and parks. There are also many great restaurants to spend a lovely evening out.

Vacationing in London

Chelsea is one of the most interesting places to visit if you travel to London in May. The Chelsea Flower Show is just amazing and people come from all over the world to attend and even exhibit. Chelsea is located next to the River Thames, which adds to its beauty. It is widely regarded as the greatest flower show ever. You can spend the entire day enjoying the exhibits, as there are restaurants around that offer everything from simple sandwiches to gourmet meals.

If you are in London, don't miss the opportunity to see the River Thames. It is one of the most famous rivers in the world. The river is 135 miles long; you will be able to enjoy it in many ways, depending on your hobbies or interests. Boating and canoeing are probably the first activities that spring to mind, but there are other activities such as walking along its banks and picnicking. There are great restaurants aboard boats moored on the Thames that offer delicious meals in unique surroundings.

Wherever you go in London, you will be able to find many places worthy of a visit close by. Signing up for a good sightseeing tour will enable you visit as many places as possible, without wasting a lot of time researching. Visiting Big Ben at night can be a great adventure. When the clock's faces are all illuminated, it is hauntingly beautiful.

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