Civil War Plantations

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Civil War plantations often suffered severe damage during the fighting. If they survived occupation at all, it was usually because they were used as storage and billets for the Northern army. In most cases, much of the building was destroyed, and the contents were lost. Yet today you can visit many of these homes throughout the South, homes that have been lovingly restored to their original splendor, preserved as a part of the history of the United States.

At the start of the Civil War, the plantation lifestyle was at its apex, producing cotton and other goods that were shipped throughout the United States. Plantations were often built near the great rivers so owners could take advantage of nearby shipping ports. While slaves toiled in fields and homes, landowners experienced lives filled with wealth and beauty, enjoying a social structure that was soon to disappear.

Visit Civil War Plantations Today

No matter who you are or where you're from, learning about the people and events that formed the United States can be a valuable experience for you and your family. Today you can visit, and even stay at, some of the great plantation homes that survived the Civil War. You can get a taste of what plantation life was like, not only for the landowners and their families, but also for the slaves whose imprint is still on the land and buildings. Visiting a Civil War plantation can be both moving and informative.

There's a lot to learn. Did you know, for example, that not all Southern plantations grew cotton? Sugar cane and indigo were also popular crops, especially in the deep South. There were some plantation owners who freed their slaves long before the Civil War. There were even some owners and their families who supported emancipation. Look for tours of plantations that pre-dated the Civil War in the New Orleans area, and take a journey into the past.

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Great! I LOVE THE CIVIL WAR AND MY FANS! You guys are awesome and listen to my new single coming out this summer. Plantation owners were cruel to the slaves, especially in Texas and South Carolina. :( GO TEXAS MAVERICKS AND MY FANS! LOVE YALL

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