Louisiana Plantation Houses

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Louisiana plantation houses offer a unique way to step into a past that represents both the saddest and the noblest of US history. These great manor homes were the center of huge plantations that produced crops of cotton, tobacco, and sugar cane. Southern plantation homes were a combination of major business and family life where gentile manners, fine food, and exquisite furnishings were the expected goals.

The lifestyle reflected in these homes contrasted dramatically with that of the slaves who were used to support the entire social and economic structure of the South. That world is long gone, and now these plantation houses are enjoyed as vacation getaways. Many offer tours that explain the rise of the Antebellum South, its descent into the slave system, the effects of the Civil War, and the changes that have taken place since Reconstruction.

Louisiana Plantation Houses Today

If you're considering a vacation in the South, Louisiana plantations are a fine choice. Converted into bed and breakfasts with facilities for parties, banquets, and weddings, many of the Antebellum plantations give you a chance to step into the past and take a break from your life. You will find some exquisite homes that have been restored and refurnished with original or period pieces.

Your room will be representative of what it would have looked like 150 years ago (with the addition of cable television, running water, and a phone - all discreetly inserted into the decor). If you've never stayed at a bed and breakfast, you will find the experience to be a unique one with opportunities to relax, to enjoy fine dining, and the time to just sit and talk. Take a look at Louisiana bed and breakfast plantations online, and book your vacation soon.

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