Louisiana Plantations

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Louisiana plantations are among some of the most beautiful and beautifully restored in the South. Many are within a short distance from New Orleans, and some of these offer bed and breakfast accommodations and/or tours and other activities. Some host banquets and weddings while others simply provide a great location for a quiet getaway where you can swim in a pool, take a nature trail walk, or take a drive into the city to catch a play or a concert.

One of the most exciting things about these incredible historical homes is their diversity. Traditionally, we expect their architecture to be inspired by Greek or Roman design, but you may be surprised to see several other styles in evidence, including Creole, Gothic, and Bavarian. Some homes have preserved or recovered original furniture. Others have gathered period furniture in order to recreate the ambiance of the day.

Louisiana Plantations Tours

If you stay at one of these remarkable bed and breakfast plantations, you can expect a tour of the main building and grounds to be included in your package, but you should check on that in advance. You may be able to stay in the main house, but you may also want to take advantage of the privacy offered in cottage outbuildings, some of which are as old as the plantation and offer the same amenities. Your host will provide you with a comprehensive description of other nearby plantations.

You can do your own tour of the Louisiana plantations, or you can catch a ride on an air conditioned coach bus tour. Tour information will be available at your bed and breakfast and at most local hotels and motels. If you like the idea of being in charge of your time and being able to do walk-through tours of several plantations, you may want to get a tour map and make the trek yourself. If you have enough time, you may want to combine the two; there are enough great plantation mansions to make an extra day well worth it.

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