New Orleans Plantations

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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New Orleans plantations, many situated within and hour's drive from the city, are among the most beautifully maintained or restored plantation homes in the South. There are over a dozen estates in the New Orleans area that either provide bed and breakfast services or offer guided tours. As a result, visitors have the opportunity to experience a great vacation while learning about Antebellum life in the South and what that meant to the future of the United States.

One of the nicer advantages of staying in one of these plantation bed and breakfasts is that you can also enjoy the excitement and the uniqueness of New Orleans. You can take a day to stroll along plantation nature trails, and then you can spend an evening at a concert in town. You can even take in major sporting events, and don't forget Mardi Gras!

River Road New Orleans Plantations

It takes about three days to explore the plantations along River Road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Some of these homes had fallen into disrepair in the mid-19th century. Concerned local citizens formed the River Road Historical Society to explore the possibility of restoring some of the classical homes in the area.

Today, you can take advantage of all they accomplished. You will find wonderful plantation bed and breakfasts in which to stay and others you can explore at your leisure. If you love learning about the past, coming into close contact with the possessions of those who lived long ago, and trying to understand what they felt and how they thought, you will be thrilled with your experience of the plantations in the greater New Orleans area.

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