Plan Plantation Weddings

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you want to know how to plan plantation weddings, the Internet is a great resource. Many of the remaining Antebellum and Civil War plantations are open to the public as bed and breakfasts and offer wonderful wedding facilities both indoors and out. If you are dreaming of an elegant Southern wedding, a plantation can be a wonderful choice of venue that will surround you with romance and the ambiance of a distant, elegant past.

You can plan a lot of your plantation wedding online. The first step is to search for Southern plantations on the Internet. You will find that there are plantations available in virtually every state in the South. Often these plantations are clustered around older, larger cities and near rivers which can make the surrounding scenery quite lovely.

Choose Your Plantation

When you plan plantation weddings, you should know that some of the homes that are not bed and breakfasts may still offer facilities for wedding celebrations. You can take a virtual tour of most of these sites to get a really good feel for the visual aspects that are so important to your wedding. Plantations that host weddings will have posted their packages, menus, and services on their websites. Some of them even offer in-house wedding planners.

If you're thinking of having your plantation wedding very far from where you live, you will want select two or more sites and then visit the area. Having each location's detailed information in hand before you go can be a huge timesaver. Whenever you plan a wedding in a different city, you need to remember that the logistics must be managed expertly in order to minimize stress and maximize the enjoyment of your wedding day. Get all the help you can from the plantation wedding site you choose.

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