Southern Plantation Homes

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Southern plantation homes that have survived the ages and the Civil War have sometimes done so because their owners were willing to make changes. Lucky for history buffs and vacationers alike, some of these changes included opening their homes to the public. Today you can stay at some of the finest bed and breakfasts in the world just a few miles from New Orleans. Other plantation homes have been restored to their original splendor and offer guided tours to the public.

The famous River Road area that falls within about an hour's drive from New Orleans is a choice spot for those who want to experience the feel of antebellum Southern life. It is home to over a dozen plantations offering a glimpse of the distant past. If you like to drive, you can see several of these beautiful estates within about three days. You can also opt for a guided coach tour with stops at some of the plantations.

Family Homes

You might be surprised to find that some of these wonderful Southern plantation homes are still residences. In fact, there are several in which the descendants of the original owners still live. Imagine living in a home that was built by your ancestors over 100 years ago! Imagine walking through that home and feeling the presence of all of the generations that lovingly cared for their families and their treasures as they lived within the walls of the plantation home you are visiting.

If you have a sense of history, sleeping in the main building can be a really special treat. You will find that prices are very reasonable, the service and the food are exceptional, and the experience will be memorable. Look up River Road Plantations online, and you will find websites for many of these plantation homes as well as information about guided tours and availability. You can even book your stay online.

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