Southern Plantations

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Southern plantations are becoming more and more popular as places to get away from the pace of today's busy world. They represent a time when life moved more slowly, when gentile manners were respected, and when there was room to walk and talk with friends. Today you can find Antebellum plantations that have been turned into delightful bed and breakfast inns.

Picture yourself strolling through formal gardens or climbing a wide circular staircase a la Clark Gable. Think about lounging on a wicker porch swing with a glass of fresh lemonade or mint julep. If peace and quiet and a glimpse of history appeal to you, a plantation bed and breakfast is exactly what you're looking for.

Louisiana Southern Plantations

Some of the finest preserved and restored plantations are in the New Orleans area. Within an hour's drive from the city, you can stay at an Antebellum plantation house at surprisingly low rates. At the same time, you will be able able to enjoy the modern amenities you need such as swimming pools, television, and even computer hook-ups.

In addition to the bed and breakfast plantation you choose to stay in, there are dozens of others you can visit and tour. In fact, there are bus tours in addition to plantation maps you can use if you prefer to drive yourself. You can cross the Mississippi River to see plantations on both sides, and, meanwhile, you can enjoy all the peace and quiet of the rural South.

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