Aluminum Briefcases

Written by James Lyons
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In the age of laptops, it's absolutely essential to have sturdy briefcases. Many computer retailers provide carrying cases for their laptops, but theses cases, in my opinion, aren't aptly designed to withstand the abuse a business traveler would put it through. A well-designed aluminum briefcase complete with all the right protection features is one of the best ways to go for those of you spend the bulk of your time working on the road.

Good aluminum briefcases will come with certain essential features. The most important feature is a protective padded interior, especially if you plan on carting around a laptop. In addition, look to see if the briefcase has a safety strap for a laptop. This will further prevent your notebook from sliding around or accidentally falling out of the briefcase.

More Essential Features

In addition to a padded interior and a laptop safety strap, a good aluminum briefcase will also have some other helpful features. If you consistently tote around multiple bags, find a briefcase with a detachable shoulder strap. This will leave a hand free to carry that muffin or cup of hot coffee. Moreover, make sure the handle is ergonomically designed. A poorly designed briefcase handle can actually cause strain on the joints in your hands.

Being organized helps build efficiency. Your briefcase should be a tool that encourages organization. Find a briefcase that offers removable dividers for your business files and several pockets for your various electronic gadgets. Having an aluminum briefcase with all the aforementioned features will help you build a responsible business practice. Aluminum briefcases also look pretty sharp--an added benefit to all the practicality.

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