Hiking Backpacks

Written by James Lyons
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Having recently moved from New York City to the West Coast, I have been introduced to the joy of hiking. Other than Central Park, New York City isn't the best place to live if you're an avid hiker. Some of the surrounding areas in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York State offer some excellent hiking, but getting there can be an incredible nuisance.

Hiking has become a new hobby of mine. I live within 15 miles of two different state parks that offer wonderful hiking trails. To supplement my new activity, I've had to buy the appropriate hiking gear. One of the most important pieces of equipment you need to buy, especially if you plan on taking an extended hike, is a solid hiking backpack.

What to Look For

The better (and often more expensive) hiking backpacks come with customizable features. For example, if you just plan on going for a short afternoon hike, you probably don't want to bring all the pockets, pouches, and straps that come with the backpack. The top-notch hiking backpacks will allow you to remove or add these components depending on the distance and duration of the hike.

Keeping fluids in your body is essential when you go on a hike. Your body usually needs more water than you think, even when it's cold. If you value convenience, take a look at the hiking backpacks that come with hydration tube ports and reservoir sleeves. These components make it very simple for you to stay hydrated during your long hikes.

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