Luxury Custom Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The reward, whether you're traveling alone or with a group of friends, to luxury custom tours are a store of memories to savor for quite a long time. The destination might be Greece or Turkey, to join a sailing cruise, from one Mediterranean island to another, one restaurant to another, one set of ruins to another. From the upper reaches of the Ganges River in India to the pristine white beaches of the Algarve, the limits to luxury custom tours are set only by your imagination.

Not too long ago, for example, I read a novel by the title of The Seven Sisters. The later middle-aged protagonist, struggling after an unpleasant divorce to recreate her life in central London, took a night class on the Aeneid. This was the basis on which she and several new found friends and acquaintances went off--on something of their own customized travel plan, to explore the Aegean.

As you search for a company or international travel developer to work with in developing your ideas, expertise and experience are the key words to remember. Negotiating with foreign ground operators isn't enough. You could do that yourself if you had a mind to. That, however, is scarcely the point of luxury custom tours. The idea is good organization, a faultless itinerary, first-rate hotels, inclusive features, and a personable and expert guide.

Places to Think about for Luxury Custom Tours

Especially popular destinations of late include the wine country of central Italy, Spain's Basque region, or southern Portugal. If religious temples and ruins are more appealing, the breadth of Southeast Asia is a marvelous place to explore. High in the Peruvian Andes, to throw another idea on the table, are the breathtaking Incan ruins of Machu Picchu overlooking the lush Urubamba River Valley below.

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