Luxury First Class Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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When you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime excursion, it makes complete sense to look at luxury first class tours rather than defaulting to a budget approach. How better to enjoy the breathtaking awe of the Taj Mahal, for instance, than without worrying about the journey onward from Delhi to Tibet, or whether the hotel once you arrive in Lhasa is pleasant or only barely clean, that sort of traveler's blues song.

A Checklist for Screening Luxury First Class Tours

Experience is the key word as you begin to screen travel agents and tour companies. You want to work with people who've gained first hand knowledge of the country or countries you'll be visiting during not one or two visits, but years of travel there. This will usually translate to tour managers with particular focus on either a single country, or a specific geographic region--the Australian outback, the south Pacific islands, the mainland nations of Southeast Asia, or north Africa, for example.

Airfare aside, prices for luxury first class tours should be all-inclusive for the most part. You can't expect, for instance, that an optional balloon flight over the 1,000-foot red sand dunes of the Namibi Desert would be included. You can and should expect first-class hotels and guesthouse facilities, a la carte meals in most cases, gratuities, entrance fees, transport costs, and the like to be covered by your tour fee. Travel insurance, of course, is almost without exception left up to you.

By definition, luxury first class tours will include a tour manager to accompany you on your exploration--whether at a discrete distance or as an integral part of the group. Such individuals will ensure that travel goes off without a hitch, that the itinerary is followed as closely as you the travelers want to follow it. Your tour manager will be both bilingual and your insurance to a delightfully memorable experience.

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