Luxury Group Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Exotic destinations and luxury group tours combine very well indeed. Think about it for a minute. It's dusk in central east Africa. You're sitting down to fine wine and dining in a luxurious tent on the edge of Kenya's Mari Masai. The idea is a great escape and a memorable experience to savor. Perhaps you and your fellow travelers are at the start of the famed and ancient Silk Road in Xian, west of Beijing, looking down over the vast terra cotta army guarding the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi.

All of this takes careful planning, of course. You've chosen the destination. The rest--the logistics, the first-class travel and five-star quality hotels and accommodations, the bilingual personal guides, the splendid local cuisine--you've turned over to an expert tour manager. With first-hand intimate knowledge of the country, and years of experience planning luxury group tours just like this, he or she has arranged a stunning itinerary. Nothing goes wrong, travel from one place to another is effortless and exquisitely comfortable.

Places to Go on Luxury Group Tours

Envision, in your mind's eye, one of North America's highest peaks. Mount Hood in Oregon stands just over 11,000 feet, magnificent and solitary, inhabited by only birds and wildlife. Store that image. Move across the equator to South America, as luxury group tours guide you to one of the more memorably stunning vistas you'll ever see. Just as high in the Peruvian Mountains stand the magnificent ruins of the so-called "Lost City of the Incas," looming 11,000 feet over the lush verdure of the Urubamba River Valley.

Half a world away, sandwiched between China and India, the towering Himalayas reach 29,000 feet into the clouds. Barely halfway up their flanks, at more than 15,000 feet, you'll find the breathtakingly beautiful Tibetan Plateau, home to Tibetan monks and monasteries for 2,000 years. Many of the great rivers of Asia start here--the Indus, the Yangtze, the Ganges, the Salween, and the Mekong.

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