Luxury Guided Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Whether you, like Robert Louis Stevenson, "travel for travel's sake" or to explore and enjoy the destination, the comforts of luxury guided tours are the very least you deserve. If you travel to Africa, for example, or Southeast Asia, an expert travel guide seems almost a given. Chances are good, after all, that you're not fluent in Swahili, Cambodian, or Vietnamese. But language is not the only issue that comes into play.

Making the most of your time away, discovering new cuisines, exploring ancient ruins, learning of other cultures--these are the real focus. Maybe you're traveling to India on an itinerary that includes Delhi, Bombay, the Taj Mahal, and the foothills of the Himalayas. On luxury guided tours such as this you leave the logistics and the headaches to others well qualified to handle them.

You travel in comfort and you travel in style. This means travel connections that go off without a hitch--very important, for instance, in taking the ancient Silk Road trade route from Xian through Central Asia into the Middle East to the Mediterranean. It means an expert guide fluent in the languages of the countries you visit. Luxury guided tours include the finest accommodations, wonderful local cuisine, efficient and comfortable in-country travel (whether train, plane, boat, or even elephant).

Ideas for Luxury Guided Tours

If a relaxing holiday far from whatever your madding crowd happens to be is what you have in mind, you might look to a wine tour through the Algarve, Tuscany, or Spanish Galicia. A leisurely cruise on a 44-foot yacht through the Aegean from one Greek island to another, from one restaurant to another, one white-walled town to another, might be ideal. The more adventuresome might want to explore Buddhist temples in Myanmar or a trip down the Amazon into Rio di Janeiro.

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