Luxury India Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The Taj Mahal is certainly one of the first that comes to mind in any mention of luxury India tours. Set off from Asia by the monumental heights of the Himalayas and flanked on three sides by water, India encompasses 1.2 million square miles of almost every possible landscape. The 5,000 years of history behind luxury India tours are as rich and varied as the landscape and architecture.

"Nothing has been left undone by man or nature," Mark Twain wrote more than 100 years ago, "to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on its rounds." From the Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh high in the Himalayas bordering Tibet, to the tiger preserves in Uttar Pradesh, India offers its visitors unparalleled attractions. And there are so many of these that repeat luxury India tours are the only answer.

The sweep of Muslim domination of the Indian subcontinent by the 13th century overshadowed the country's rich Hindu heritage and remained dominant until the 18th. By the time the century of British rule ended in 1947, the vast triangle below the Himalayas was divided along religious lines, with Pakistan Muslim and India Hindu. India itself is subdivided into about 26 provinces, each with its own rich culture, character, and attractions.

Planning Luxury India Tours

Top-flight executives are effective because they know how to delegate and do so to make the best use of your time. The concept applies perfectly to travel arrangements. Who better to organize foreign itineraries, fine accommodations, excellent transport between destinations, first-rate accommodations, and splendid dining, than expert tour managers who specialize in travel? Your job is to decide on a destination and to enjoy yourself, leaving the logistics and the headaches to someone well equipped to handle them.

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