Luxury Italian Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Italy is renowned for so much of art, gastronomy, history, and culture that luxury Italian tours cannot help but be both memorable and delightful. Chances are good that your visit won't even be your first to this wonderful Mediterranean country with its long, rich, and varied history. From the lofty peaks of the Dolomites in the north, to the Norman and Byzantine architecture of Sicily, Italy is a moveable feast to enjoy time and time again.

Luxury Italian Tours: A Few Highlights

Whether you wander the ancient Coliseum, gawk at the opulence of the Vatican, or marvel at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Rome is breathtaking no matter which way you look at it. From the Castel Sant' Angelo, originally a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian, to the Museo e Galleria Borghese, to Marcus Agrippa's sublime Pantheon, the grandeur is definitely overwhelming. You'll visit Etruscan and early Christian catacombs, famous Caracalla baths, medieval churches, and wish only that you had more time.

For wine and cuisine, you can't do better with luxury Italian tours than its famed Tuscan countryside. The cultural beauties of Florence--its Baptistry doors, El Duomo (the world's fourth largest cathedral), the treasures of the Uffizi galleries, the Ponte Vecchio, and Medici palaces--with its red-tiled roofs, pleasant medieval atmosphere, and charming street-side cafes are nothing less than quietly magnificent. April to June and early autumn are the best times to visit.

Somewhat off the beaten track are a number of must-visit-stops for any luxury Italian tours. Near Pisa's leaning tower you'll find one of the Medici's more spectacular villas. In Siena is its magnificent cathedral. From Pompeii to Tivoli and San Gimignano, everywhere you turn there are more delightful surprises.

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