Luxury Kenya Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As far as experiencing the ultimate African safari goes, luxury Kenya tours are renowned for good reason. It's a simple one as well. Kenya's quarter-million square miles are the richest in wildlife, scenic landscapes, and colorful history. Extolled by writers from Ernest Hemingway (The Snows of Kilamanjaro and the Green Hills of Africa) to Beryl Markham (Out of Africa), this strategically placed East African country is a wonder indeed.

Luxury Kenya Tours: The Highlights

There are essentially two Kenyas, to the west are its mountains and highlands, and to the east its stretch of grasslands that roll into the Indian Ocean and Somalia. Kenya is a spectacularly beautiful country, with Africa's second-highest peak, Mount Kenya, rising more than 17,000 feet above its Masai Mara grasslands. Kenya's internationally renowned national parks--Amboseli to the south and Masai Mara to the east--are ideal for safari.

Standing in the shadow of Kilimanjaro's magnificent and snowy 19,340 feet, Amboseli National Park is especially proud to boast its elephant, which move in massive herds of 70 to 100 animals near the Ekongo Narok Swamp. The swamps and grasslands in the park's center are also an oasis for cheetah, lions, buffalo, and zebra. Wildebeest, vervet monkey, baboon, gazelle, and impala are also sighted here. Amboseli is also home to more than 400 bird species.

Masai Mara is also renowned for its luxury Kenya tours. Its wide open plains are Kenya's portion of the famed Serengeti, and is in fact a reserve rather than a park. Particularly famous for its enormous herds of wildebeest (well over a million) and zebra (nearly half a million), the Mara--as it is colloquially known--is without doubt Africa's most astounding game areas. The migration south to north begins in May or June, and north to south in October. You'll see antelope, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, buffalo, and countless more on luxury Kenya tours.

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