Luxury Myanmar Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The famed Buddhist temples you'll encounter on luxury Myanmar tours have been a conspicuous part of its culture for nearly 2,000 years. Most notable of these are those at Pagan, which rise against a backdrop of mountains almost--in architectural terms--as Aztec ruins rise against the Central American jungle. Buddhism is integral to Myanmar, or Burma, as it is still best known.

Ruled for the last 30 years by a repressive military government, the tatmandaw, Burma has a long history of a totally different character. Luxury Myanmar tours, ideally, are organized for you by travel professionals who have gained their experience in the field. This is especially critical in the case of Myanmar. Opinions on travel there are divided into two camps.

On the one side are those who prefer to sanction the repressive government with the hope of effecting change. On the other are those wanting to throw a lifeline of communication to the ordinary Burmese citizen and the pro-democracy groups. Certainly, Myanmar's economy benefits from tourism. One particular advantage to luxury Myanmar tours is that they are far more likely to be not at all affiliated with the government of Myanmar or its sponsors.

Luxury Myanmar Tours: What You'll See

Dominating the capital city of Rangoon, and certainly one of the more awe-inspiring buildings in southeast Asia, is the Shwegadon Pagoda--the holiest of Buddhist sites in the country. Its 100-meter tall spire is sheathed in 8,000 gold plates and studded with more than 5,000 diamonds and other precious stones. The city of Bagan, capital of Myanmar for about 200 years, was laid to waste by Kublai Khan about the 13th century. Its magnificent temples remain. Within easy reach of Mandalay--subject of a famous Rudyard Kipling poem, still offering many fine temples and pagodas--are the deserted cities of Mingun, Sagaing, and Ava.

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