Luxury Private Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The operative concept in luxury private tours is exclusivity. Imagine private transportation, a personal and personable guide, a small group of your own friends, and a flexible schedule. The reason you're not signing up for sights of India tour, for example, is because you're not interested in visiting the jewelry bazaar outside Jaipur. Luxury private tours are yours and yours alone. What you want, exactly what you want and only what you want, is what you'll get.

It's therefore only logical to take the same care in selecting a tour manager that you do in finding an ophthalmologist or dentist. Years of experience in developing small group luxury private tours is one obvious criterion to look for. Another, equally important, is intimate and first-hand knowledge of the country and region you've chosen as your destination.

Luxury Private Tours: Ideas on the Table

Maybe this is the ideal time to work up a plan to follow the Silk Road from China into Central Asia. If international affairs permit, you might want to extend it through the Middle East to the Mediterranean. You might want to finally follow up on your interest in Mughul architecture, whether you start or end with the Taj Mahal. A comprehensive plan will include Delhi, Agra, Udaipur, and Jaipur.

High in the Peruvian Andes, the ruins of Machu Picchu remain the continent's most spectacular attraction. This "lost city of the Andes" sits about 8,000 feet above sea level, looking down on the lush and verdant Urumbama River valley. Treks and tours to it usually begin in Cuzco, the oldest continuously inhabited city on the continent, and a fascinating place to explore. The nearby Huaraz Valley, its glacial lakes and hot springs and archaeological sites, is on your list. What better than to sit down with an expert travel guide who knows and loves Peru to help you develop a personalized tour of the region?

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