County Maps

Written by Robert Mac
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County maps by Thomas Guides make traveling across this great land of ours easy and convenient. Thomas has county maps covering a number of states, especially California--the most popular state for driving in the country. Or, if you don't want to lug all those maps around, you can use Thomas Guide software to find locations from your computer with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Thomas Guides have detailed, up-to-date county maps for seven states, plus the metro Washington, DC area. Americans love to drive, but hate asking for directions--plan and complete your trip without having to pull over at all. The Thomas Guide is essential: ZIP code areas, schools, and points of interest make these easy-to-use maps the simplest way to travel.

These Current County Maps Are Updated Annually

Thomas Guide county maps never get stale: the 2002 Los Angeles County map, for example, had more than 16,000 changes from the previous year's edition. Plus, an index of points of interest and a simple grid system make them not only current, but user-friendly, too. The only thing more convenient than these county maps is a Thomas Guide CD-ROM map.

Thomas has electronic versions of their great map books, with enhanced digital features and none of the paper cuts. With a digital map, you can easily type in street addresses or zoom in and out of neighborhoods from your keyboard. And since it's digital, you can email maps or directions to friends or other software programs.

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