Laminated Wall Maps

Written by Robert Mac
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Laminated wall maps add a sense of purpose to any room, whether they are state wall maps in a classroom or smaller ones in an office highlighting your company's service areas. Thomas Maps, the creator of Thomas Guides, has full-color laminated wall maps for any project--custom maps are available, too. And since they are laminated, they can be marked and cleaned easily.

In years past, a room full of maps was a sign of distinction: only a world traveler, military leader, or a scientist needed such a display. Fast-forward to today, and you'll see laminated wall maps at the local pizza place, marked up into delivery zones. We have conquered unknown territories, and laminated wall maps are the products of our exploration.

Laminated Wall Maps Put the World at Your Fingertips

. . . or maybe just your city. Thomas has laminated wall maps of all major US cites in varying sizes, with a range of features including points of interest, intra-city mileage charts, state parks, and more. Knowledge is power, and laminated wall maps put years of knowledge and research in plain sight. A map is a handy reference tool and a great way to look at the "big picture" context of the world.

The advantage of laminated wall maps over the old-school cloth ones of our youth is their durability--no more frayed edges or faded colors. And since it's laminated, you can mark up your territory however you like and erase it later. Thomas maps come with wood grain rails along the top and bottom to hang easily and beautifully.

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