Map Books

Written by Robert Mac
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Map books by Thomas Guides, featuring a simple page and grid system, are the industry standard. They are accurate and easy to use, making them perfect for your car when other maps just won't cut it. Thomas has map books in more than 75 editions for seven states and the Washington, DC area.

Thomas maps are a breeze to use. You can look up streets in the comprehensive index, or use the overview maps to pinpoint a specific location. Then you turn to the page listed in the index or map, and the easy-to-read map does the rest of the work. Map books by Thomas are the model because of their simplicity and thoroughness.

Get Two Thomas Map Books

When I moved to Los Angeles, I bought a Thomas Guide to help me get around, and received another as a gift: having two map books is the way to go. One is in the house--I look up anything and everything quickly and easily before I venture out. The other is in the car and comes in handy when I need to get to a place I don't know very well. I use one of them almost every day.

Thomas maps use a national grid system to standardize all their maps, and since it's in a digital database, it's constantly updated. Their maps are packed with everything you'll ever need to know, too: parks, schools, and points of interest. Using these map books once will turn you into a fan, and you'll never go back to those awkward accordion-fold maps of yesterday.

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